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Author Guidelines

All submitted articles should be peer-reviewed.

Postgraduate students, practitioners, teaching staff without a scientific degree submit to the editorial review of a leading scientist in the field of science at the place of work or study of the author, the so-called "open peer review" by an official reviewer. The review should include information about the accuracy of the results obtained, their relevance and novelty, as well as practical value with recommendations for the publication of the article. Articles of researchers, candidates of sciences, doctors of science, as well as peer-reviewed articles of graduate students, applicants, teaching staff are accepted in accordance with the internal review procedure.

Types of peer review:

- one-sided "blind" peer review (single-blind editorial board) about the author, the author about the reviewer - no);

- double-blind review (double-blind - both do not know about each other).

The review process contains several steps.

First, the manuscript can be accepted for consideration only if the submitted work has not been published or submitted for publication elsewhere.

Secondly, you need to make sure that the article is relevant to the topic of the magazine.

The next step is to determine if the article has been prepared in accordance with the rules described in the Authors Guidelines. After that, the article is sent to the appropriate reviewer. The reviewer carefully reads the manuscript and provides individual feedback in the form of a report containing comments, observations and recommendations such as "Accept submission", "Changes required", "Submit review", "Reject submission", etc.

The Editorial Board sends a message to the author (authors) by email, either with a final decision or with a request for revision, which in turn may be accepted or rejected by the authors. After the editor receives the latest version, the article is accepted for printing.

Privacy Statement

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