Reviewing terms


The aim of the review – improvement of the quality of scientific publications by means of peer review of the offered materials by highly qualified specialists.

Criteria of evaluation of the manuscripts:

  • correspondence between the content of the article and the title
  • correspondence between the article content and the thematic areas and the general level of the edition
  • real scientific novelty
  • presence/absence of certain drawbacks, need of clarifications or additions to be done by the author in the process of the article preparation for publication

Peer reviewing procedure is done by two independent reviewers (internal and external) and is anonymous both for the reviewer and the author (double-blind peer review). Anonymity of the reviewers is guaranteed by the editorial board.

External review is carried out by Ukrainian and foreign doctors of studies, who have scientific works on issues discussed in the peer-reviewed article, chosen randomly taking into account individual agreement of the involved reviewer.

Reviewers must comply with the ethic requirements of the COPE and be objective and impartial.

Only being formatted in strict accordance with the Requirements and having passed the primary editorial board’s control, the articles are admitted to the review. In case of detection of any drawbacks at the stage of primary control the article can be returned to the author for correction. In the case of repeated negative result of the review the article is rejected and cannot be subject to further review.

The final decision on the possibility of publishing the articles is taken in with the consideration of the received reviews. The author is informed about the decision.

Term of the review – 1 month from the moment of receiving the article.

The articles, the authors (co-authors) of which are the members of the editorial board, and the articles written in order of the editorial board, do not undergo the peer-review.