The semantics of space in the novel «Crome yellov» by Aldous Huxley

in English

  • Ivanna Devdiuk Ph. D in Philology, Assistant Professor, Doctoral student, Department of World Literature and Comparative Literary Criticism, Vasyl Stefanyk Precarathian National University
Keywords: artistic space, semantics, static, carnival, despair


Aim. The article deals with the semantics of space in the novel «Сromе Yellow» by Aldous Huxley. The aim of the paper is to determine the content and functionality of spatial markers as meaningful components of the author's conception of the artistic reality.

Methods. The structural and semiotic works by Y. Lotman and V. Toporov served as the theoretical and methodological basis for the research. According to the scholars, the space is considered to be the model of the artistic world of the author, therefore the language of spatial relations is an important means of perception and comprehension of the artistic reality as its integral structure. The research refers to M. Heidegger’s doctrine which emphasizes the existential nature of space, its ontological determination. That created the theoretical ground for studying the artistic space in terms of versatile connections between man and his subject environment.

Results. It is proved that the space continuum of the novel «Crome Yellow» is marked by the semantics of isolation and closeness, the key concepts of which are silence, emptiness, and static character. The article concludes that the intellectual and moral atmosphere of the post-war Britain marked by uncertainty, disappointment and despair are reflected in the image of the estate and its habitual intellectuals who spend time in meaningless conversations.

Scientific novelty. For the first time the novel «Crome Yellow» by Aldous Huxley is analyzed through the prism of the spatial organization of the text in correlation between the characters and the objective world.

Pactical significance. The article is of great help for further study of Aldous Huxley’s creative heritage in the context of British and world literature. The results of the research can be used for writing course projects and qualification papers.

Literatures of the Western Europe and the USA