Higher Technical Education System in Germany





education, technical education, higher technical education, curriculum, universities, applied professional schools of Germany, tuition fee, student fee


The article offers a description of the system of higher technical education in Germany. Being a leading country, it has been implementing new stages, schemes and plans of the education development for many centuries; its learning technologies are borrowed from other countries, and students from all over the world dream of getting into one of the higher education institutions. This country is one of the leading countries in the technical specialists training, and therefore it is analyzed and systematized the system of higher technical education in Germany in the article. The higher technical institutions are divided into universities and higher applied professional schools and the curriculum examples are provided. There are different study areas in German technical universities and they are represented and compared. Different education programs at various faculties of educational institution are described in the article. The learning hours are defined, the practical and theoretical percentage of studying is illustrated. It is discussed that professional higher technical education in higher applied professional schools in Germany is based on the dual training of workers in various specialties. The dual training system is defined. The number of international students, the countries where they come from are shown. It is stated that Germany is an open country for international students and study here is widely oriented on new comers. It is actualized the education payment ways and described the possibilities of free learning. The authors conclude that universities represent a general model of learning while a student may combine learning with work in higher applied schools. A student can choose between full-time and part-time forms of studying.


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