The Role Of Legal Upbringing In The Formation Of Legal Culture

  • N.M. Savetchuk
Keywords: legal upbringing, legal culture, forms of legal upbringing, legal awareness.


Topicality of the article was stipulated by changes which took place in the social, legal, political and economic sphere of Ukrainian society. At present, the level of legal upbringing and legal culture of the population depends on the success of forming rule- of-law state in Ukraine.

The purpose of the article is a theoretical study of the role of legal upbringing in the formation of legal culture.

Category «culture» is multifaceted philosophical phenomenon, which is interpreted differently by scientists, which in turn was the cause of the various definitions of «legal culture» in the legal literature.

The progressive valued part of the legal system of society, which is a synergy of legal values, reflects the level of legal development of a person, provides legal communication, ordering and coordination of public relations and more were understood under the legal culture in modern jurisprudence.

One of the main ways of formation of legal culture of citizens is a legal upbringing. Today, raising the legal culture and legal education of the population of Ukraine - is the primary task of society and the state. Foundation of the legal culture shall be laid in the family with the help of moral and ethical education of the child as respect for the rights and freedoms of another person is, in fact, a moral category.

The scholars, educators, lawyers, the media, intellectuals shall be engaged to the process of legal upbringing of the population. With this aim, the methods and mechanisms of bringing knowledge of the theoretical principles of legal understanding of current legislation to the public shall be considered. Great attention should be paid to legal upbringing in schools, so the study of law should be started with early classes and be taught throughout the period of schooling. One of the types of legal upbringing is the legal education of citizens, the main instrument of which is the educational institutions.

Thus, it should be emphasized that society needs the focused strengthening of the state activity concerning the transferring of legal expertise, systematic effect on the human's mind and behavior in order to develop appropriate positive ideas, beliefs, values, attitudes, ensuring compliance, and implementation of legal provisions.