Penalization Of Crimes In The Sphere Of Economic And Service Activities: Search For Optimal Model

  • Nataliia Hutorova
Keywords: penalization of offenses, general prevention, special prevention.


The article is dedicated to the problems of crimes penalization in the sphere of economic and service activities that are complicated and not resolved in the theory of criminal law, the so-called «white collars criminality».
The author believes that the current system of penalties for offenses in the sphere of economic activity and official activity as a result of many circumstances factors led resulted to virtual impunity for those who committed such crimes while actually tangible punishment the perpetrator intended primarily as a result of political decisions and (or) selective justice.
Typical description of «white collars criminality» shows that application of hard responsibility for these crimes is for gaining and general prevention, that taking into account level of corrupted Ukrainian economy, and also social danger of such crimes, is fully justified.
General prevention of corruption crimes, as international experience testifies, is mainly achieved through the punishment in the kind of imprisonment, including for long periods on the protracted terms. The punishment to the expectant mothers and women which have children to 7 years needs additional study and optimization of criminality crimes in the context of small and medium gravity.
It is necessary, regarding the latter, to examine the effectiveness of each of the penalties provided for those offenses, excluding those that do not correspond to the nature and degree of public danger. Replace these types of penalties can be a public works I kind of punishment. The punishment is notable « white collars criminality « and combined with attention to such people in the media will contribute to the objective of special prevention.


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