Space and time in Petr Borkovec’s poetry


  • Oleksandr Motornyi Department of Slavic Philology named by professor Ilarion Sventsytskyi, Ivan Franko National University of Lviv



Czech literature, Petr Borkoveс, time, space, modern poetry


Aim. In this article we studied the image of time and space in poetic works of Petr Borkovec, who is the editor of the several periodic literature journals, the author of more than ten poetic books, in which we can read about human sadness, loneliness and misunderstanding with outer world. Petr Borkovec is a participant in various poetry festivals, both in the Czech Republic and in other countries, including the Month of Authors' Readings, within the framework of which he visited Ukraine. He is also translating now worldly poetry into Czech language. Space and time relations in poetry generally and in the creative works of a conceived author are key ones, they signify the behaviour of a lyrical hero, events in the poetical secondary world and it’s contact with this primeval world, as well as reader’s reception of poetic text. Methods. Chronotope analysis of poetic works. Results. The peculiarities of the chronotope of P. Borkovec’s poetic world, the ways how the phenomena of the past, present, future time function, as well as the metamorphosis of the space of the world are established. Scientific novelty. The article is dedicated to the review of a new phenomenon of the modern literary process of the Czech Republic, which hasn’t been studied yet from the point of scientific perspective. On top of that, the work of P. Borkovec is quite new for the contemporary Ukrainian reader; The indicated factors may be significant for the enrichment and strengthening of the Czech and Ukrainian literary and cultural relations. Practical significance. The material of the article can be used for further P. Borkovec’s poetic legacy research, as well as to study the tendencies in new Czech poetry and to teach them in frames of different literature courses in universities.





Slavonic literatures