The images of «The new people» in a novel «Semen Zhuk and his relatives» by Oleksandr Konyskiy

in Ukrainian

  • Nadiia Boiko Shevchenko Institute of Literature of the NAS of Ukraine
Keywords: Oleksandr Konyskiy, Ukrainian prose, ideological novel, genre, image, “new man, narodnyk, Semen Zhuk


Aim. The article deals with the image of a «the new people» described in an ideological novel «Semen Zhuk and his Relatives» by Oleksandr Konyskiy, and suggests an analysis of the ideas, according to which this image was created. Methods. The research is based on the biographical, historical and genetic, cultural and historical approaches to literature. Results. The ideological prose by O. Konyskiy allows one to trace the development of the image of «narodnyk» – a «new man» – in Ukrainian literature of the second half of the 19th century. Thus, the evolution of a «new man» can be studied in a certain sequence: the emergence of a «new man», «small actions» taken by him his «cultural resistance», disillusionment and self-destruction. The appearance of the ideological novella in Ukrainian literature was a natural process resulting from new social conditions, the search for the new object of observation and the functions, which it had to fulfil (popularizing new ideas and bringing up the conscious generation of Ukrainian intelligentsia). The ideological novels by O. Konyskiy reflect the ideological views and world outlook of their author. These works are valuable for describing the events without delay and showing the attitude of a Ukrainian narodnyk to them. The scientific novelty of the paper lies in a nonengaged view on Ukrainian ideological prose of the second part of the 19th century. The author of the article has considered the ideological prose as an integral phenomenon and studied the concept of a «new man». Practical meaning. The results of the research can be used for further studies of the literary process in the second part of the 19th century and the peculiarities of the form and content of Ukrainian prose of this period. Furthermore, the study can provide additional information for the teachers of Ukrainian literature and students. 

Ukrainian literature