Lecture as a methodical constant in teaching world literature

in Ukrainian

  • Lidiia Matsevko-Bekerska Department of World Literature, Ivan Franko National University of Lviv
Keywords: lecture, literature teaching methodology, University, humane education


Aim The article deals with the problem of the specificity of organizing the learning process in the form of the lecture. The aim of the article is to reveal the main methodical advantages of the lecture in the process of studying world literature at the University.

Methods In the article there has been applied the system approach by using the cultural and historical method and the synergetic method. On the basis of the experience gained while using the form of the lecture, its most perspective opportunities at the modern University has been studied. The applied methods made it possible to analyze particular problems of the lecture discourse, to isolate the most important aspects of the lecture transformation in the process of studying world literature.

Results There have been discussed different approaches to the introduction of the lecture in the learning process of the University. Attention in the article is focused on the advantages of the lecture. The article gives a detailed analysis of interrelations between methodical opportunities of the lecture and key problems of the educational discourse. There have been investigated different forms of updating the lecture in order to reach the integrated and systematic study of literature.

Scientific novelty Despite its importance for implementing the effective educational process, the form of the lecture still provokes professional discussions. The article is aimed at creating the advanced approach to updating the content part of the lecture in literature as well as its cultural context.

Practical significance The article may serve for the further investigation of the problem of the development of modern methods of teaching literature. The results of the research can be used for preparing subject lectures and methodical developments on the suggested topic.

Methods of teaching literture