Specifics of the poetics of the early Valerian Polishchuk’s poems

in Ukrainian

  • Olesia Omelchuk Department of Theory Literature Shevchenko Institute of Literature NAS of Ukraine
Keywords: poem, thematic polycentricity, matter, «line», «dot»


The article presents a comparative analysis of early poems by Valerian Polishchuk, designed to reveal aesthetic, formal, and specific ontological picture of the world that is represented in the works of the writer. The article shows that the poiems of the early period are built on the similiar principles of organasation of artistic material and with regard to the choice of themes. The specifics of the poetics of these works is their thematic polycentricity, uniformity of poetic images and concepts, a unified ideological basis. The author of the article concludes that: 1) early poems show the artist’s process of conception and crystallization of the conceptual poetic components that develop in the poet’s later works; 2) despite the eclecticism, schematism, descriptivness, the early poems also contain an internal semantic level, encoded in the system of multi-level images; 3) fragments of descriptions of nature are the most artistically complete. As for the other two thematic segments (ontological visions and political themes), those fragments can be perceived as independent as well as interdependent; 4) the proposed interpretation of Polishchuk's work demonstrates unity of artistic and theoretical positions caused by materialistic interpretation of the world that affected the corresponding «geometric», «biological», «physical» meanings, inherent in Polischuk’s texts.

Ukrainian literature