Anna Gavalda and Oksana Zabuzhko: psychoanalytic aspect of modern female prose

in Ukrainian

  • Svitlana Natiazhko Department of literary theory and world literature, Lesia Ukrainka Eastern European National University
Keywords: psychoanalytic narrative, method of psychoanalysis, women writing, psychological insight, modern literature


Aim The article deals with the importance and relevance of psychoanalytic narrative’s research. Features of psychoanalytic narrative in the modern women-writers’ fiction are described and on the basis of studies the success of using the method of psychoanalysis for the analysis of contemporary literature is proved.

Methods The main research method is the method of psychoanalysis. Thanks to this method the psychological nature of contemporary fiction is reasonably justified. Also the comparative analysis is used for researching, it provided a comparative studying of psychoanalytic narrative that forms the basis of the works of French writer A. Gavalda and Ukrainian author O. Zabuzhko.

Results In the article «the phenomenon of modern female prose» is circled, main characteristics of women writing is defined. It is made the comparative analysis of the works of two contemporary writers: Ukrainian – O. Zabuzhko and French – A. Gavalda. According to the results of the examination of their works the psychological background and fullness of contemporary works of fiction written by authors-women are established and the use of the method of psychoanalysis is argued in their interpretation.

Scientific novelty Despite its widespread using in modern literature a psychoanalytic narrative still remains almost completely unexplored category in literary studies. To this end the analysis of contemporary works of literature, in which psychoanalysis is deliberately set in the subtext, is realized.

Practical significance This article may be used for deeper studies of psychoanalytic particularities of the women writing’s nature, of a powerful database application of psychoanalysis in the studies of the women narrative and to analyze literature with the help of the psychoanalytic method.

Comparative literature