Figurative dominants of M. Kulish’s and Eu. O’Neill’s dramas in time and space coordinates

in Ukrainian

  • Tetiana Marchuk Department of World Literature and Comparative Literary Criticism, Vasyl Stefanyk Precarpathian National University
Keywords: hronotop, binary opposition «your / someone else’s», topos «home», locus «street»


Aim The article deals with the space semantics of the drama «Pathetic Sonata» by M. Kulish and «The Hairy Ape» by Eu. O’Neill. The purpose of the study is comparative analysis of time and space markers of the dramas by means of the binary opposition «your / someone else’s».

Methods The comparatively-typological approach has been used for the research. With the help of it we have managed to trace the correspondences and differences of the figurative dominants in the time and space models of the dramas.

Results The binary opposition «your / someone else’s», was selected as the differential marker for the analysis, this helped to illustrate characters’ behavioral changes in the context of their space movements. The article proved that Ilko from «Pathetic Sonata» as well as Yank from «The Hairy Ape», having found themselves in the whirlpool of social and political processes, took as «their» the space that was fatal for both, which proves tragic views of Ukrainian and American playwrights. It is concluded that authors create characters’ inner world in a typologically related psychologically moral paradigm with the accentuation on the political in Kulish’s, and on the social aspects in O’Neill’s works.

Scientific novelty Despite the thorough research of M. Kulish’s dramas (L. Zaleska-Onyshkevych, M. Korenevych, I. Lysenko, V. Pratsovytyj, T. Sverbilova, L. Skorina, S. Horob and others) and Eu. O’Neill’s works (S. Dzhebrayilova, M. Koreneva, N. Kuteyeva, S. Pinaev etc.), special studies devoted to time and space organization of plays «Pathetic Sonata» and «The Hairy Ape» has not been created yet. In the article hronotop of the mentioned works for the first time is examined in comparative typological aspect that promotes similar and peculiar features of the dramatic manner of Ukrainian and American authors.

Practical significance The survey results indicate the broad space semantics of the analyzed dramas and leave much space for further literary studies.

Comparative literature