Ukrainian translations of Vislava Shimborska as reception: comparative dimension

in Ukrainian

  • Viktoriia Ostapchuk Department of Slavonic Philology, Lesya Ukrainka Eastern European National University
Keywords: reception, life, death, original, translation, variant, invariant


Aim The purpose of the article is to observe the conformity of the V. Shimborska`s Ukrainian translations through the poetry, basing on the comparativistic foundations in two dimensions: on the level of the text and subtext heeding the features of the vocabulary of the both languages and the strofika also.

Methods In the article there has been applied the system approach by using the comparative-typological, descriptive and hermenevtical methods.

Results Analyzing the translations of V. Shimborska’s poetry «The house of the big man» («Dom wielkiego człowieka»), «Funeral» («Pogrzeb»), «Secret relations with the dead people» («Konszachty z umarłymi») we come to the conclusion that the translations, made by S. Shevchenko, N. Sydyachenko, Ya. Senchyshyn mostly coincide to the spirit of the works of the Polish poetess. It is proved that these translations are the form of the existence of V. Shimborska’s poetry in the covering of Ukrainian language. This covering is not neutral to the content of the analyzed poems. That’s why the inevitable differences between the original and the translation, which influencethe emotional perception of the V. Shimborska’s poetry by the recipient, are found. The analysis proves the fact, that every translation is a variant, which displays the invariant, but which has got deviations, that conditioned by the specificity of the language, the poetic style and others descriptive-expressive methods.

Scientific novelty s conditioned by the fact, that the theme affected in the title is not clarified enough, because the Ukrainian translations of the V. Shymborska’s poetry made by S. Shevchenko, N. Sydyachenko, Ya. Senchyshyn were not analyzed in details in the comparison with the originals.

Practical significance Theoretical and practical meaning of the investigation was caused by the fact, that its results can be used in the course of the history of the polish literature and also can be written in the term papers of the students-philologists.

Comparative literature