Interdisciplinary strategies of comparative studies of Dariya Vikonska (on example of creation of James Joyce and Olexandr Arkhypenko)

in Ukrainian

  • Ihor Nabytovych Department of Ukrainian Philology, Maria Curie-Skłodowska University in Lublin
Keywords: Dariya Vikonska, Oleksandr Arkhypenko, James Joyce, Modernism, poetics


Aim The article is dedicated to researches of strategies of Dariya Vikonska in comparative juxtapositions of literature and other arts. The aim of the article is identifying common and distinctive features in the works of James Joyce and and Olexandr Arkhypenko.

Methods The research is based on comparative approach with the use of historical and cultural method. There was made an attempt to compare poetics of Joyce prose and Arkhypenko sculpture.

Results In the articple there are researched different approaches to peculiarities study of poetics of literature and sculpture. There are researched different forms of expression of modernist outlook, means of generalization and formalization in writing and sculpture.

Scientific novelty For the first time there are analyzed methodological approaches and possibilities of comparison of far enough in content and form of expression of kinds of arts in the works of authors who belong to the Modernism epoch.

Practical significance The suggested article can be used for further comparative juxtapositions of works and poetics of various arts.

Comparative literature