Cultural and national identity of literary-artistic texts: theoretical-methodological strategy of translating science of Volodymyr Derzhavyn

in Ukrainian

  • Stepan Khorob Department of Ukrainian Literature, Vasyl Stefanyk Precarpathian National University
Keywords: cultural and national identity, artistic text, the art of translating, strategy, conception, V. Derzhavyn, literary criticism of the Ukrainian diaspora


Aim The article investigates theoretical-methodological strategy and the conception of translating science of Volodymyr Derzhavyn – literary scientist-critic from the Ukrainian diaspora. The aim is to analyse the vast material of his theoretical, historical and literary works, numerous literary-critical reviews through the translating method of the author, educing peculiar traits, specific principles and looks of researcher and national, cultural and national existence of artistic work, its identity.

Methods For the research of the aim and tasks the author used comparative-historical, philological and genetic methods. It gave an opportunity to analyse the specific character of looks of Volodymyr Derzhavyn on translated literature, and also to systematize them in corresponding theoretical-methodological strategy of translating science, that was scientifically productive not only for his work, but for Ukrainian literary criticism of the first half of the ХХth century.

Results The article displays the principle of stylization of literary-artistic texts as the dominant in translating science of Volodymyr Derzhavyn, that is based on mostly linguistic principles of division of language: communicative, cognitive and artistic. It is well-proven that in the conception of translating science the scientist followed to triple interpretation of a word: a word as a report, a word as a term and a word as an artistic unit, the last, on persuasion of the literary critic, in force of the functionality carries the aesthetic colouring of all language in the text and largely removes the cultural and national identity of artistic work.

Scientific novelty The review and systematization of theoretical-methodological strategy of translating science of Volodymyr Derzhavyn are carried out and until now it remains poorly studied in modern Ukrainian translating science. The article is aimed at educing the features of looks of the scientist on translating science as an inalienable constituent of the development of Western Ukrainian/mainland and diaspora/literary-artistic process of the first half of the ХХ century. Finally, the research exposes another verge of the study of literature activity of the theorist and historian of literature (national and foreign) from Ukrainian emigration.

Practical significance The article can be used for the further study of the problems of modern native art of translating, and also the works of Volodymyr Derzhavyn. The scientific results of the research can lie down in the basis of writing of the diploma, master’s degree and dissertation projects in the translating science, and also monographs or essays about the scientist from the Ukrainian diaspora or development of translating science in Ukraine.

Comparative literature