Temperature Dependence of the Refractive Index of Vitreous Alloys of the Ag-As-S System


  • I. I. Shpak Uzhgorod National University
  • I. Studenyak Uzhgorod National University
  • O. Shpak Uzhgorod National University




chalcogenide glasses, temperature coefficient of refractive index, single oscillator model, absorption band


The temperature coefficient of refractive index dn/dT is determined for glassy allous of the system along the(Ag2S)x(As2S3)100-x, direction (0 < x <20) in the spectral interval of 1–5 μm at temperature of 77– 400 K theglasses in question are shown to take negative values of dn/dT depending on the composition and wavelength.The dependence of the coefficient on spectrum and temperature is studied using a single oscillator model.


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Shpak, I. I., Studenyak, I., & Shpak, O. (2019). Temperature Dependence of the Refractive Index of Vitreous Alloys of the Ag-As-S System. Physics and Chemistry of Solid State, 19(3), 234–238. https://doi.org/10.15330/pcss.19.3.234-238



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