Legal Protection of Biological Diversity in the EU


  • L.R. Danylyuk


legal protection of the environment, biological diversity, Convention on Biological Diversity, European Green Deal, EU Biodiversity Strategy for 2030, EU directives and regulations


The article is devoted to the study of legal basis of biological diversity protection in the EU. The research first of all establishes a system of international acts aimed at coordinating relations on protection of biological diversity. The influence of the European Green Deal on regulation of relevant legal relations is also considered. In addition, the characteristics and tasks of special EU directives dedicated to certain aspects of biological diversity protection are clarified.
In legal documents of the international and European levels, considerable attention is devoted to both the comprehensive preservation of biological diversity and its individual elements. While it is not typical for the national legislation of Ukraine to single out and regulate the problems of biodiversity protection in independent regulatory acts.
After the publication of the European Green Deal, the European Union took the so-called “green” direction in its policy and activities, which aims to make the European continent climate neutral by 2050. Accordingly, the EU has developed a number of new strategies that meet the objectives of the Agreement, including the EU Biodiversity Strategy for 2030 “Bringing nature back into our lives”.
Since Ukraine announced its European integration intentions eight years ago with the signing of the Association Agreement, it is clear that the gradual implementation of the goals of the European Green Deal and all derivative documents will become an inevitable task for us.
Legal protection of biological diversity in the EU is the subject of discussion in the works of many representatives of the science of environmental law. At the same time, the analysis of this question in light of the publication of the European Green Deal and the EU Biodiversity Strategy for 2030 remains relevant.
The purpose of this article is to study legal protection of biological diversity in the EU. For its successful achievement it is necessary to allocate and analyse the acts of the legislation regulating the corresponding relations, to consider the tasks and challenges of the EU in this area.