Concluding A Contract For The Delivery Of Agricultural Products

  • I.Ya. Kostiv
Keywords: a contract for the delivery of agricultural products, conclusion of the contract, stages, pre-contractual contacts.


The article considers the procedure for concluding a contract for the delivery of agricultural products. In addition to the traditional formal offer-acceptance scheme, special attention is paid to such a stage of concluding a contract as pre-contractual contacts.

Thus, the process of concluding a contract is multifaceted: it reflects the form of ownership, the legal status of the participant, the limits of their freedom, and so on. Therefore, the process of concluding a contract cannot be limited to two, three, four or more stages, but is a long process aimed at establishing a contractual relationship and determining the terms of the future contract.

At the same time, for a contract, the formal offer and acceptance must be formalized in writing: drafting the contract, signing it, notifying by fax, telephone or other means of communication of their consent to the proposed or agreed terms of the contract. It is possible that the acceptance may be expressed in other actions, including compliance with the terms of the contract (prepayment). Of course, such actions are possible if the party is confident in the decency of another contracting party. The fact of non-sending a written acceptance in this case cannot serve as a basis for recognizing such an agreement as not concluded.