Tasks Of The Penal Policy Of Ukraine

  • Yu.V. Kerniakevych-Tanasiichuk
Keywords: the objective of the policy in the fight against crime, the tasks of penal policy, the goals of penal policy, the task of penal legislation.


Dictionary of Modern Ukrainian language the term «task» is defined as: firstly, the planned scope of work; order to do some work orders; attitude; second, what they want to achieve in their work, work, etc.; purpose, plan and so on. Thus, in order to understood something that one aspires; goal. Despite quite synonymous concepts interpretation task and purpose, between them there is a significant difference.

The aim of policy in the fight against crime Ukraine, part of which is a penal policy is reducing crime in the state. And by implementing systems specific problems facing each element of the policy in the fight against crime, it is possible to achieve the above objectives policies. That tasks are the agents that lead to achievement.

It seems reasonable taking as a basis the classification tasks of the penal policy approach common law (law) policy has the following objectives which are specified for different areas of law: a) determining the kinds of social relations that are subject to legal regulation; b) determining the methods of legal regulation of the kinds of social relations; c) development of optimal systems of law making and enforcement activities of state bodies on the current and long term; d) determining the content and methods of legal education of the population and increase its legal culture.

For these reasons, the system of the tasks of the penal policy of Ukraine offer include the following tasks:

  • determining the types of social relations that are subject to legal regulation in the execution of punishment;
  • determining of legal status of participants and other penal relations;
  • improving of the penitentiary system through its optimization;
  • improving mechanisms and procedures, penal execution in order to correct and resocialization of prisoners and to prevent convicted of committing new crimes;
  • improving of the procedure exemption from punishment, assistance to persons released from punishment and order monitoring and supervision;
  • strengthening management of the penitentiary system with other bodies and institutions involved in the fight against crime, including the institutions of civil society