The Formation And Current State Of Legislation On Energy Efficiency Activity In Ukraine

  • A.B. Kruchok
Keywords: energy service, energy service performance contract, loan agreement, energy efficiency, energy service company.


The present article deals with energy service practises and development of energy performance contracts in Ukraine. In 1998 and 2005 Ukraine signed two credit agreements whith European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) for energy efficiency in public and private sectors. In 1998, EBRD helped to create UkrESCO, a joint stock energy service company to implement important energy savings projects. An initial loan of US$20 million to UkrESCO was fully disbursed and the next tranche was approved in 2005. In 2015 Verkhovna Rada esteblished new Act of Ukraine ‘'On Introduction of New Investment Opportunities, Ensuring the Rights and Legal Interests of Business Entities to Conduct Large-Scale Modernization''. This Act defines energy performance contract as an agreement, the subject of which is energy performance which includes a wide range of energy efficiency activities. It is evident, Ukraine has got a greate chance to implement energy efficiency contracts at all levels in private and public sector.