Persons Representing The Authority Of The Public Authorities And Their Criminal-Law Protection

  • M.V. Dovhal
Keywords: authority of public authorities, government officials, law enforcement, military, volunteer battalion, a person who performs a public duty.


The problem of understanding the people who represent the authority of public authorities and their criminal protection. Analyzed the meaning of «representative government», «law enforcement officer», «soldier».

Based on the analysis of statistical data on the number of registered crimes under Chapter XV of the Criminal Code of Ukraine, which infringe persons representing the authority of the public authorities, concluded that a significant increase in their share over the past two years. Such trends due to the counterterrorist operation in certain areas of the Donetsk and Lugansk regions.

On the basis of international law concluded that participants volunteer battalions involved in solving international armed conflict in parts of Donetsk and Lugansk regions belonging to members of legitimate armed forces, provided that such formation, have headed person who is responsible for his subordinates; have defined and clearly visible from afar mark of distinction; carrying arms openly and adhere to the actions of the laws and customs of war.

A volunteer battalions to recognize members for the set of conditions mentioned above, persons who perform public duty. A criminal-legal assessment of unlawful acts committed against these victims.