Criminal Liability For Obstructing Citizens With Voters And Referendum Rights Under The Laws Of Certain Countries In Europe And CIS

  • O.P. Brativnyk
Keywords: criminal responsibility, obstacle of realization of electoral and reviewer rights, subornation, deception.


The article described the legal regulation of protection and protection of election and referendum rights of citizens in foreign countries. The most common signs of crimes for violation of election rights of citizens and reference.

Criminal law of Ukraine dedicated to the protection of election and referendum rights of citizens, in its basic elements is consistent with the criminal law of foreign countries, but to talk about their social identity has no reason, because they operate in different political and legal environment, their base developed different socio-cultural and legal traditions. Circle ща actions referred to criminal offenses punishable electoral and referendum rights of citizens under the law of foreign countries is quite detailed and numerous. This is largely explained by the scope of legal regulation, which is directly dynamic, due not only to existing in any State criminal but also the election law.