The Place Of Real Estate Contract In The Civil Law Contracts

  • Yu.A. Chmykhov
Keywords: intermediary services, real estate services, real estate, transaction on real estate, realtor, the actual action.


The article investigates the place of the contract for real estate services in the system of civil obligations. The author researched that the signs of realtor contract is a special area of real estate services - the real estate market. In addition, in the agreement on providing real estate services real estate agent acts solely on behalf and for the account of the client, as real estate sales regulations do not allow him to independently perform transactions with the real estate on behalf of the client. Realtor actions, as the subject of the contract, lies in the convergence of parties of the future transaction of immovable property. These actions are purely factual in nature. However, analysis of these features allowed the author to conclude on the need of allotment of the real estate services as Intermediary form of a separate subspecies.