To The Question Of Diffuse Rights Of Consumer

  • R.V. Pozhodzhuk
Keywords: subjective right, interest, diffuse interests and diffuse rights, an individual instruments, allows to formulate the author's definition of diffuse rights.


The article researches the rights of an individual consumer in doctrine and legislation of different countries. Analyzed categories such as «diffuse interests» and «diffuse rights» that are widely used in international private law doctrine. Considered and highlighted consumer rights under the contract of supply of electricity to an individual-user through the connected network. As a consequence, defined difference between individual interests (in fact common to all consumers interests, reflecting the overall protection of their rights) and diffuse interest shown in the reflection of the same interests of indefinite number of persons in a particular area.

Consumers as a group may have different diffuse interests. Among consumers can distinguish their various categories, united not so much the specifics of of relationships between them as their diversity, but focus on satisfaction of thq uniform interest.Conducted analysis of the views of scientists, legal provisions and internation.