Service As The Civil Law Category

  • V.Ya. Horblianskyi
Keywords: service as the civil law object, the concept of service, service features, service as the value.


The analysis of current legislation, which determine the concept of service as the object of the civil law and regulate the legal relationship which come out of services, was performed.

The analysis of civil science provisions concerning the determination of the concept “service as the civil law object” was performed and presentation of the view on determination of the concept “service as the civil law object” was introduced. The approaches concerning the service awareness of Soviet scientists and scientists of the Ukrainian civil school were explored.

The analysis concerning the service awareness as the special “value” was performed and the correlation of this concept with the moment of satisfying the person's requirements with the help of the beneficial effect was represented. The place of service among another objects of the civil law was determined, services and the results of works that are similar were delimitated. The scientific approaches were explored and the key features of the concept “service as the civil law object” were identified.

The conclusion concerning the necessity to amend in the legislation of Ukraine was made, securing the most adequate concepts of service as the civil law object and consumer service in order to provide the most effective protection of one's violated right in the case of defective service provision.