Formation Of Democratic Traditions Of The State And Legal System In The USA And Ukraine: Historical Parallels

  • S.D. Svorak
Keywords: democracy, revolution, the US Constitution, the first president of America.


In this article such notions as: historical and political conditions of the democratic foundations in the USA, features and sources of democracy, the role of a person in the history of the country, determinative place of the leader of the nation in the critical historical period of America are analysed. At the same time historical parallels of conditions and characteristics of the formation of state and legal system of Ukrainian Cossacks ( who were colonists and migrants on Zaporizhzha land) are conducted. Mainly it was assimilated to geopolitical features of migration, living conditions, political system and self-determined nature of the ‘'farmer-Cossack'', who didn't accept political authoritarianism of the king or the emperor. The base of this democratic system was the private property of the means of production and the land, free lance hireling and the absolute lack of serfafe.

It is approved that in our country as well as in the USA there were not dynasties, national gentry, and politically allowed church . The initial conditions in both nations were very similar, but the main reason in abolishment of Ukrainian democracy was that Ukraine bounded with European and Asian empires, unlike the United States. It mainly caused new totalitarian, imperial, monarchic type of administration. Therefore, new political elite of Ukraine should pay attention to the historical experience of the Ukrainian nation and explore the traditions of formation of American democracy and state system, and actively begin to build a new Ukrainian European home.