Main Research Issues Of Legal Ideology And Legal Features Of Its Realization In Modern Legal Systems

  • I.V. Polataiko
Keywords: ideology, social ideology, legal ideology, the concept of legal ideology, legal ideology signs, modern legal system.


In modern society, a significant share devoted to the ratio of material and ideological foundations in all spheres of public life - economic (material), social, political, spiritual, legal, etc. Of course, in the economic (material) field dominant component is the material basis. This is a priority of industrial relations, which in the first place, are material in nature and fall into the category of material evaluation. If we talk about the spiritual sphere of public life, it is necessary to state the dominance of the ideological foundations of the material, since in this sphere are predominant spiritual (moral, religious and other) values. If we analyze the social, political, legal sphere, that they are based on the relative harmonization, cooperation and even a certain parity of spiritual and moral values. Having said that, you should pay attention to the fact that it is legal ideology concentrates mainly on the ideological values of law as a whole, separate legal systems and legal families, which means - makes it possible to establish a common and distinctive traits of the different legal systems of our time. It also helps to identify possible risks of conflict of values and establish common legal values that can contribute to the convergence of different legal systems and legal families, past and present.

The study concluded that the main features of the embodiment of the legal ideology in the legal systems of modern liberalism longer reflected in the concepts of conservatism, socialism, as well as the concepts of natural and positive law.

However, as the author notes, the embodiment of the principles of legal ideology in the modern legal systems of more, than can be explained by the concept of natural law. Given the characteristics of natural and legal approach to the understanding of the features of the implementation of legal ideology in the legal system, it should be noted that it is natural law concept found its legal expression in the international legal level in the main international legal acts and through the ratification of the arrangements in some countries continues to penetrate in national legal systems.