Correlation Of Public And Private Law: The Dynamic Aspect


  • V.V. Andriiuk


public law, private law, legal dichotomy, legal dualism, legal convergence.


In the article the author tries to focus on the problems of the correlation of public and private law in the context of their interaction. The author attempted to outline the boundaries of the problem field specified topics disaggregation which will help to identify the main areas of research issues the optimal ratio of public and private law in the national legal system.

One of the key objectives of legal reform in Ukraine at the present stage is to optimize the value of public and private law. The experience of reforming the legal system in Ukraine demonstrates the necessity of forming a coherent, organic, science-based concept of legal reforms that would ensure the necessary and sufficient mechanisms and the level of improvement of the legal system, including in the context of the establishment of adequate and effective mechanisms for convergence of public and private law.