Some Questions The Codependence And Interaction Of Criminal- Legal And Criminal Procedure Policy

  • M.O. Krasii
Keywords: criminal-legal policy, criminal procedure policy


The article is devoted to the study codependence and interaction of criminal law and criminal procedure policy.

As a result of the conducted research the author makes the following conclusions:

  1. The purpose of the criminal law and criminal procedure policy is to:
  • protect individual rights, state property and other objects protected by criminal law against criminal assault;
  • to develop and adopt regulations that target program that allows you to combating and preventing crime;

• timely use of various methods of penal policy, namely: the criminalization and decriminalization, penalization and depenalization, differentiation and

individualization of criminal responsibility with the aim of increasing the effectiveness of criminal legislation;

  • to interpret the existing legislation in the sphere of combating crime to ascertain and clarify its precise meaning;
  • identify the effectiveness of law enforcement agencies for use in practice of institutions and norms of criminal law;
  • to prevent disturbance of the relationship between criminal law and norms of various branches of law.

        2.Criminal-legal policy and criminal procedure policy are interdependent and interacting, but also relatively independent of policy in the fight against crime, because the main task of penal policy is the development and adoption of regulations and regulatory documents, and the last - investigation and resolution of criminal proceedings. Violation of interdependence and interaction between subsystems policies in the fight against crime is unacceptable because removal from this system of at least one component, it makes all the other parts ineffective.