Serial Crimes Against The Person Offenses System

  • O.M. Danyliv
Keywords: crimes against persons, crimes of violence, serial crimes, serial murder, serial rape.


In the article the author highlights the problem of serial crimes through the prism of crimes against the person. Investigated in detail the signs of this phenomenon and analyze the current state of the national legislative framework of this institution.

So, today, crime is a relatively independent and dynamic social system whose elements have specific crimes. One of these elements is a serial crimes that include serial murder and serial rape. These terms are relatively new, despite the deep historical roots of the phenomena studied.

Currently, in science there is no single approach to the definition of «serial murders». No mention of this term and in any domestic legal act. As a result, without theoretical and legislative framework can not adequately organize the investigation and disclose such crimes. Serial crimes is a special kind of crime against the person, which features a number of features that make it impossible to investigate serial crimes using standard techniques.

Thus, today serial crimes are not considered as a separate subject of study. Through the prism of the current criminal law investigated only some manifestations of this type of crime, which eliminates almost all of its qualitative features.

For mass serial crimes often include phenomena which do not reflect the content of the concept.