The Role Of Social And Educational Work In The Formation Of A Conscientious Attitude Of Convicts In Prisons To Work And Other Socially Useful Activities

  • K.I. Vasylenko
Keywords: Socially useful labor, social and educational work, conscientious attitude, wages, operating activities, employment, improvement, incentive norms, positive changes.


The scientific publication is devoted to the problems of researching the fundamental aspects of application of the implemented into legislation provisions concerning convicts' voluntary labor, both paid and unpaid. The order and directions of use and payment for different categories of prisoners involved in the production are determined.

Problems concerning a combination of socially useful labor of prisoners with other means of correction and resocialization are being defined. Special attention is also paid to the importance of socially useful labor in the system of defined regulatory means to influence behavior and correction of convicts in prisons and achieve positive change in their minds.

Apart from it the problem of using such criterion of evaluation of convicts' correction as voluntary work within the colony is also highlighted.