Influence Of The Principles Of Landed Law On The Juridical Regulation Of Land Market In Ukraine

  • V.V. Knysh
Keywords: principles, principles of law, principles of land law, land branch principles of law, land market, land areas market.


According to the author, the legal regulation of social relations associated with the formation and development of the land market in Ukraine, provides for a combination of both static and dynamic foundations of such regulation. At the same time, if we are talking about the process of transfer of ownership of land and land rights from one subject to another, the dominant role belongs to the dynamic principles of legal regulation.

At the same time, we should not forget about the basics of static legal regulation of land market relations, which are already the leading role belongs to the principles of the land rights. It is based on the latest in the framework of this branch of the law of the highest positions provided by the legal regulation.

In order to develop the land market in Ukraine, according to the author, the development of specific measures should be implemented, based on the principles of land rights as fundamental principles. At the same time, these measures should be addressed in two ways: 1) the object of land relations - land and land, the impact on the legal regulation which determine the characteristics of the principle of combining the use of land as a natural resource, the basic means of production and territorial basis. The principle of the priority of environmental safety requirements with respect to ground; 2) on the subjects of land relations and land and legal status, on the basis of the principle of the protection and rational use of land, the principle of the equality of subjects of land relations, the principle of guaranteeing rights to land, the state of non-intervention principle in the implementation of the subjects of land relations of their powers on earth, except as required by law. Exerting influence on the elements of land relations (object, the subjects of these relations and their powers that make up the content of land relations), and basing itself on the principles of land rights can improve land relations themselves, logically completed the land reform in Ukraine approval of the land market.