The Term In The Contracts For Providing Of Real Estate Services

  • Yu.A. Chmykhov
Keywords: intermediary services, real estate services, the essential terms of the contract, the term of the contract for providing real estate services, methods of determination of the contract on the provision of real estate services, execution of agreement on providing real estate services.


The article investigates the term as contractual condition of the provision of real estate services. The author determined that the indication of the date or an indication of the event, which is associated with the onset of the contract is the definition of the term in ways obligation to provide real estate services. Analyzing these methods of securing contractual terms of providing real estate services, the author summarizes that the definition of the term the provision of real estate services is an important guarantee proper and real implementation by the parties of the contract. Making the transaction real estate is good (beneficial effect) of realtor activity and event on which the terminated contractual relationships between the customer and the executor of real estate services. The practice of contract consolidation period (term) performance of each individual commitment and real estate services division into separate actions performed in a certain period of time does not correspond to the nature of real estate brokerage services and compares them with commitment to perform work. Phased intermediate mentioning the realtor commit certain actions (services), although there is confirming the fact of the parties of their obligations, is not a positive contracting practices.