Some Approaches For Defining The Role And Purpose Of Personal Responsibility Of The Village And City Mayor And The Possible Ways Of Their Strengthening

  • M.V. Kozlov
Keywords: responsibility, village and city mayor, local government.


In the theory, institute of personal responsibility of municipal local governments should occupy a special place among important means of guaranteeing the rights 13 and freedoms of local government and in its protection from possible infringements. Local government and freedom, on the one hand and responsibility on the other - are two sides of the same coin that can be developed interconnected, complementing and reinforcing each other.

The personal legal liability of the municipal official may be civil, administrative, criminal, disciplinary or material. However, we reserve not to reject standards that are required in the implementation of any public work: honesty, fairness in decision making process, objectivity, impartiality and independence of local government officials in solving any social affairs, because that will express a sense of moral responsibility before the community.

The aim of the article is to define the role and purpose of personal responsibility of the village and city mayor and the possible ways of its strengthening.

In accordance with the current national legislation the village and city mayor has certain rights and responsibilities, thus precisely because of the study of relevant rules of law exists the opportunity to explore his personal responsibility.

The article examines the basic definition of local government, the status of village and city mayor, his exceptional powers granted to him by law and forms of personal responsibility for their implementation through the current national legislation and international legal norms.

As the conclusion to the article author proposes directions for strengthening legal (personal) responsibility of local government officials.