Automated Information Retrieval Systems Field Collections


  • S.V. Kaduk


in situ collections, information retrieval systems, accounting information, reference and information services, automated information-retrieval systems, electronic catalogs, electronic directories.


Rational organization of criminal procedure and functioning forensic institutions in modern terms the process of differentiation and integration of science those linked inseparably with the following information to improve the quality of scientific research and timely implementation in the judicial and expert practice advanced scientific and technological progress.

Dealing with the organization and efficient information retrieval with substantial number of sources in modern conditions is impossible without the use of computer technology. One of the main areas of computer technologies and expertise in investigative activity is development of automated information retrieval systems. All this fully applies to the accounting for business organizations functioning forensic and reference, including field collections. Today accounting activities are based on the use of modern advances in telecommunication and computer technologies. These technologies provide a real opportunity to transfer accounting information instantly at any distance, except for loss or distortion, combine separate records in computerized information systems and integrated databases, automatically analyze information and identify relationships between certain objects.

It should be noted also that the development of automation formation, maintenance and use of forensic collections defined by dramatic changes in forms of computer technologies and software in the fight against crime. At present, the application of automated driving any collection reference and auxiliary accounting autonomous and not connected with the same. This often leads to duplication as information and software, as well as lack of proper interaction between services. Unlike programs that dominate today, the focus of software development is shifting towards interactive (client-server) software objects. «With the implementation of object-oriented approach to information technology concept application away. Will take her place information networks with structures elaborated objects can interact in real time.