Environmental Cooperation Between Ukraine And NATO


  • I.V. Kolos


North Atlantic Treaty Organization, safety, environmental safety, Partnership for Peace, nature protection projects, ammunition recycling.


The article discusses the basic activities of NATO as a military-political international organization. The paper analyzes the place of environmental protection as one of the activities of NATO. The main stages of development of cooperation between Ukraine and NATO were explored and analyzed.

The author emphasized that the relations between Ukraine and North Atlantic Treaty Organization started in 1994.Ukraine applied to join the NATO in 2008. Plans for Ukrainian membership to NATO were shelved by Ukraine following the 2010 Ukrainian presidential election. However, after the «revolution of dignity» as a result of aggressive actions by the Russian Ukrainian authorities intend to acquire a future NATO membership.

It is concluded that the partnership between Ukraine and NATO in the field of environmental protection is carried out by using the mechanisms of the NATO Partnership for Peace «Science for Peace and Security», IPP and by other forms of cooperation.

The article throws a light to the projects of cooperation between Ukraine and NATO in the field of environmental protection, including the recycling of military ammunition.