Terms In Commission Contract


  • V.V. Yusyp


terms, commission principal, commission agent, commission agreement


The article is an independent complete scientific work, in which peculiarities of legal regulation of commission’s terms are considered. For the first time on the level of article the comparable of terms in commission agreement and other types of agreements are conducted and their legal essence and place in the system of civil - legal agreements are established.

The article contains the complex scientific and theoretical analysis of the main problems of civil-law regulation of commission contracts’ terms. Such definitions as «service», «deal», «contract of commission» are studied and analyzed profoundly, the basic elements of the contract of commission agreement, particularly its entity structure, contest, parties' responsibility for non-execution or improper execution of a contract, are taken up.

On the basis of the normative material generalization, the analysis of scientific literature and materials of judicial practice, the conclusions are made and recommendations concerning subsequent improvement of the Ukrainian civil legislation in the sphere of conclusion and execution of a contract of commission agency are formulated.

The specificity of legal regulations of terms in these treaties are investigated and it’s place in the law of Ukraine are showed.