The Legal Consequences Of Breach Of Contract Hire


  • A.V. Fedoronchuk


contract hire, responsibility, duty, performance or improper performance of the contract, termination of the contract.


This article, based on an analysis of the civil law and procedure examines reasons bringing to responsibility parties to the contract of hire, and the legal consequences that occur in case of violation or non-compliance with the terms of this agreement by either party.

Thus, failure and improper performance of the contract of hire entails legal consequences for the parties, which allowed it: either the landlord or tenant. These legal consequences may be (ar.611 CC) terminates the obligation as a result of unilateral waiver of liability if it is established by contract or law, or breach of contract; change the obligation; damages and moral damages. The list of these legal consequences that occur in violation of or failure to comply with the contract of hire is not exhaustive, special civil law (Chapter 58 paragraphs 1, 2 CC of Ukraine and Order), and thus the contract can be provided and the possibility of other legal consequences . Consolidation and use of other sanctions in the contract hire only increases the possibility of proper implementation of its provisions.

Based on the research, developed proposals to improve current legislation on liability for breach of contract hire that can be taken into account in further research.