Theoretical And Legal Aspects Of The Definition Of The Terms «Individual» And «Member» Of Hereditary Relationships


  • I.I. Hlavach


hereditary relations; participants of hereditary relations; the classification criteria of participants of hereditary relations; heirs.


The scientific article deals with theoretical problems of search of criteria for the classification hereditary relations participants. The author offers to classify participants of hereditary relations by juridical facts, purpose and moment of entry into hereditary relations, set of rights and obligations.

In the article analyzed the theoretical substantiation of the conceptual apparatus and contents of hereditary legal relationship in modern civil law as well as to intensification of the interrelations between hereditary law and notarial procedure.

The article aims to outline the legal status of hereditary relations analysis and measures for the protection of the estate and the manner of their implementation notary in the process of succession. In the article analyzed the main activities of the members of hereditary relationships, aimed at providing implementation inheritance rights of heirs and protection hereditary property.

This article also reveals the peculiarities of the creditor’s legal status in ancestral relationship, and conflict settlement procedure of the legislative requirements of the heirs of the decedent.

     Given classification criteria will be the basis for the detail of their rights and obligations. Also it will be the guarantee of improvement of doctrinal definition of «participant of hereditary relations”.