Strategic Planning In The Energy Sector In Germany: Key Aspects And Role Of State Regulation


  • A.V. Tokunova


planning, energy security, energy strategy, foreign experience


The article deals with the basic indexes and objectives of strategic planning in the energy sector in Germany. As a result of the investigation the list of trends was formulated, which can be useful for Ukraine.

The proposal was made to form domestic energy strategy with understanding, that market can’t be regulated only by itself.

That’s why the special role in this process must be assigned for the state regulation. In addition, taking into account the importance of the issue, it is necessary to give energy sector a particular status. In this connection conditions for first and foremost development of this sector must be included to other strategic state documents.

It was detected, that Germany energy strategy’s key questions embrace energy efficiency, energy saving, ecology and renewable energy. A conclusion, that this course would be also useful for Ukraine was made. And it is reasonable to place a special emphasis on this point in the Energy Strategy of Ukraine until 2030 year. It’s essential to say, that this conception includes rules about previously mentioned aspects, but these moments are defined somewhat superficial. Firstly it is necessary to increase relevant chapters and correct Strategy’s projection activities, which excite criticism for a long time.