Some Approaches To The Formation Of Self-Sufficient Local (Regional) Communities In The Context Of Administrative Reform In Ukraine


  • M.V. Kozlov


Local government, konstitutsiyny way, administrative system,community.


The article is devoted to legal and organizational aspects of the reform of local governments, as one of foundations of the constitutional order. In accordance with the research of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine from 01 st of April 2014 No. 333-r., the concept of the reform of local self-government and territorial organization of power in Ukraine was approved. Through the analysis of the conceptual proposals of scholars, the author goes on the well-balanced concept, proposed by Yuriy Ganushchak - the Member of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine of VI convocation, an expert of the Swiss- Ukrainian project «Support to Decentralization in Ukraine» DESPRO.

The main focus of the article is aimed at the analysis of the concept proposed by the Ganush chakconceming the establishment of model of the basic level – the community, which will maximally formalize the relationship between the state and municipality and clearly defines the level of compactness.