Legal Aspects Of Language Issues In The Modern World

  • V.I. Rozvadovskyi
Keywords: linguistic policy, modem linguistic situation in Ukraine, regional policy, language of national minorities, not territorial languages, Constitutional Court of Ukraine, Russian language, official language.


The article deals with issues that affect the non-compliance of the rule of constitutional norms by subjects of the legislative initiative in law - making process in general, and in adoption of the law on languages in particular. The Parliament passing laws has to prevent non-compl iancc of any of the provisions expressly enshrined in the Constitution of Ukraine. Failure to comply this principle in the legislative process will always create tension in society and illegitimacy of the adopted regulations by representative body.

In present article the object of study is the Law of Ukraine «On the Principles of State Language Policy in Ukraine» X® 5020-JV from 03.07.2012.