Criminal law policy of the EU in the sphere of ensuring the protection of economic activity


  • I.V. Kozych



criminal law policy, criminal law policy of the EU, criminal law regulation, criminal liability, criminal offenses, economic security, economic security of the EU, economic activity, criminal offenses in the sphere of economic activity, criminal law protection of economic activity, white-collar crimes, officials, official as a subject of crime


The author pays attention to the study of the main trends of the legislation of the European Union regarding the prevention of offenses in the field of economic activity in the context of their implementation in domestic legislation. It has been established that the protection of economic activity is recognized as one of the EU Legislative Priorities for 2022. The EU has declared a perspective to create an economy that works for the benefit of people. In this context, many EU acts have expressed the desire to fight money laundering, tax fraud, tax evasion and other forms of financial crime. The article analyzes the mechanisms of criminal law protection of economic activity operating in the EU