Discourse on the content of issues of administrative and territorial structure of Ukraine

  • S.A. Potapenko
Keywords: system of administrative-territorial system; administrative-territorial structure; issues of administrative-territorial system; administrative-territorial unit; settlement


The article deals with historical and legal aspects of regulation of administrative and territorial structure of Ukraine. It is analyzed normative legal acts that determine the content of issues of administrative and territorial structure. It is emphasized that in Ukraine the issues of administrative-territorial structure are not comprehensively defined, since they are regulated by a number of legal acts of different legal force, and the special law on the administrative and territorial structure has not yet been adopted. It is proved that the change of the territory of Ukraine is the main issue of its territorial structure. Attention is emphasized that settlements are a complex link of system of administrative-territorial structure as naturally formed territorial entities, the construction and elimination of which are also issues of administrative-territorial structure. It is established that the transfer of territories between administrative-territorial units is an integral part of resolving issues during their formation, unification, elimination and establishment of their boundaries. It is stated that solution of issues of administrative-territorial structure is a comprehensive legal institute, defines the list of these issues, which are the legal content of constitutional, administrative, land and other legal relations. The author proposes a list of issues of administrative-territorial structure, which are resolved in the conditions of existing territorial organization of power in Ukraine. Proposals for taking into account the list of issues of administrative and territorial structure in the article in the development of bills in the specified field and their consideration in the law enforcement activities of the subjects of power.