Digitization of public authorities as a measure to prevent corruption in Ukraine


  • O.M. Bodunova
  • O.V. Liamzina




basic principles of corruption prevention, anti-corruption measures, digitalization of public authorities.


The article is devoted to the study of corruption in Ukraine, identifying the main problems and analysis of its counteraction, determining the main causes of corruption in government agencies and measures to prevent corruption in Ukraine. It has been established that digitalization is a multifaceted process that introduces digital technologies in all spheres of life, increases the efficiency of public administration by simplifying administrative procedures, ensures control over the activities of public authorities and provides a high degree of information on general government activities. At present, Ukraine already has positive cases of using digital technologies. Provided with the support of the state and government agencies, digitalization promotes the development of an open information society as one of the essential factors in the development of a democratic state, growth of jobs for Ukrainian citizens, productivity and quality of life in Ukraine as a whole. Examining the legislation of Ukraine, in recent years in Ukraine, dozens of draft laws have been identified that to some extent relate to this area of digital and information communication technologies. With the help of such bills, our state was able to transition all taxpayers to use online channels, develop accessible information society, apply new methods of public administration, improve economic growth, improve the quality of life of Ukrainian citizens, reduce the number of gaps when filling out tax returns , as well as to create a single web portal of electronic services and its mobile application for citizens. Digitalization contributes to the emergence of affordable and simple electronic services - is a fundamentally new system of organization of production and services in various fields, including public administration. It helps to reduce the impact of the human factor and the corruption component in the provision of public services, improves their quality and efficiency to improve the life, work, study and recreation of Ukrainians.