The policy of combating domestic violence in the states of Romano-Germanic legal system

  • A.A. Vovk
Keywords: domestic violence, Romano-Germanic legal system, codified law, criminal liability, criminal law, criminal law regulation.


There are no borders, which limit the problem of domestic violence. It exists in every country. There is a stereotype, that domestic violence is a feature of religious and traditional law countries. However, this statement is objectively false, as members of any family, regardless of nationality, can be in a violent relationship.
Germany’s domestic violence policy is declared in the National Plan of Combating Violence against Women. Special attention is paid to immigrant women and women with disabilities. The Federal Ministry of Family, the Elderly, Women and Youth coordinates this policy. In addition, the police is directly involved in the policy implementation, and in case of violence, they are obliged to respond immediately and promptly.
In France, responsible bodies for this policy are the Ministry of Women’s Rights and the Service for Women’s Rights and Gender Equality, which is part of the Ministry. The French police actively cooperate with the hotlines and use mobile electronic devices to determine the location of the perpetrator.
In Austria, the Domestic Violence Protection Act regulates the fight against violence. Under its provisions, the police are obliged to respond to all cases of domestic violence, despite the victim’s refusal to support the charges.
Portugal’s anti-domestic violence legislation provides prosecution for a single case of domestic violence, without signs of regularity. It is also interesting that this crime is classified as public one.
After studying the legislation of European countries, it is possible conclude, that European policy in the field of combating domestic violence moves in the direction of increasing the impact on illegal cases in the family.