Stability Of The Constitution Of Ukraine In Terms Of The Procedure For Amending It


  • A.V. Fedoronchuk



stability of the Constitution, amendments, public relations, political factor.


The article examines the stability of the Basic Law in the context of the procedure for amending it. The author notes that during the whole period of its existence the Constitution of Ukraine has undergone many changes, which to some extent have actualized a number of extremely complex and important problems of both theoretical and practical nature. These changes are an indicator of the stability of the Basic Law. As a rule, they are due to the development of social relations. There is a certain connection between the amendments to the Constitution of Ukraine and public relations, the essence of which is the subject of research.

The purpose of the article is to study the stability of the Constitution in the context of the procedure for amending it, as well as to further substantiate the relationship and dependence of amendments to the Basic Law on the development of public relations, and vice versa.

The stability of the Constitution is associated with objective changes in public relations and subjective factors due to political interest.

Any changes to the Basic Law should be aimed at improving both directly and indirectly the legal status of man and citizen.

The procedure for amending the Constitution of Ukraine can be successfully implemented only if it is fully consistent with the dynamics of public relations.

In the process of improving the Constitution of Ukraine, special mechanisms should be provided that would guarantee the impossibility of any further changes to the Constitution solely through political manipulation.

As a result of the research, the author concluded that the Constitution of Ukraine is endowed with properties that determine a high level of its stability. The stability of the Constitution should not hinder the development of social relations. At the same time, the level of development of public relations is a marker of determining the need for amendments to the Basic Law.