Legal Problems In The Field Of Combating Crimes Of International Nature Committed By Organized Criminal Groups


  • T.V. Malanchuk
  • V.S. Kyrychenko



international crime, transnational crime, organized crime, crimes of international character, international cooperation in the fight against crime


The article considers the problem of combating international crime as one of the most negative social phenomena of our time. Today, the world is facing the fact that international crime has become a reality and a global problem. A powerful, comprehensive and diverse system of measures is used to combat international crimes committed by organized crime groups. The purpose of our study is to identify the problems of legal regulation in the fight against crimes of an international nature committed by organized criminal groups and to identify ways to solve this problem. The results of this work are that the growth of international crime has become an obvious problem today. It is impossible to overestimate the damage caused by transnational organized crime groups, which occupy not only one specific state, but entire regions and continents. Practice shows that it is impossible to effectively combat this type of crime within one state, hence the need for international cooperation to address this global problem. We believe that the desired result in the fight against transnational organized crime in Ukraine can be obtained only due to the complex nature of the activity, and the existing methods should undergo significant changes and expand both nationally and internationally. In these circumstances, the further development of international cooperation between states in the fight against crime, in accordance with current realities, is one of the priorities of the world community. The issue of developing a unified international anti-crime policy, which includes not only international legal mechanisms, but also a wide range of measures aimed at preventing international crime, is relevant. Obviously, the adoption of a new UN Convention against Transnational Crime is a new stage in shaping such a policy at the global level.