The Concept And Legal Nature Of Amendments To The Contract

  • N.S. Shymanska
Keywords: contract, legal nature of the contract, legal nature of amendments to the contract


The article examines the concept and legal nature of amendments to the contract. It is established that this legal phenomenon due to the rapid development of market relations is becoming widespread. The meaning of the concept of «change» and its legal nature are analyzed. An exhaustive list of possible options for exercising the right to amend the contract has been made. According to the results of scientific research of different points of view of civilians of different epochs on the concept of «change of contract terms», the own definition of the mentioned concept is formulated and it is proposed to make appropriate changes to the current Civil Code of Ukraine. After all, the perfect legislative regulation of certain relations begins with the consolidation of their definition, in order to have a common understanding of the concept.

In our opinion, the lack of a legislative definition of the term “change of contract terms” is a negative phenomenon, as it leads to unequal understanding of the concept by parties, substitution of concepts, violation of the rights of parties, different case law, which is based on the results of consideration of the category of cases related to amendments to the contract. Therefore, we believe that the CC of Ukraine should be amended by including Article 650 1 «The concept of changing the terms of the contract», by which we mean the process, active behavior of the party (parties), which aims to create new or edit existing terms of the contract to bring it in accordance with certain life circumstances, legal norms, as well as its optimization, the purpose of which is to obtain by the party (parties) a certain positive result of property and / or non-property nature. The implementation of these changes will make it possible to avoid the above-mentioned negative consequences in the future and will ensure the introduction of uniform case law in resolving disputes related to amendments to the contract.