The Subject Of A Land Lease Agreement In Conjunction With A Water Facility Located On It

  • L.R. Miskevych
Keywords: object of contract, water object, land plot under water object, right of lease, cadastral number and passport of water object.


The publication is devoted to the study of legal and doctrinal trends in solving the issue of the subject of a land lease agreement in complex with a water object located on it.

The author makes a reservation that the difficulty of clearly defining the subject of the studied treaty is due not only to the absence in the civil doctrine of a unanimous approach to understanding the essence of the subject of the treaty, but also to the natural inseparability of the water body with the land located on it.

In the article, the author found that the legislative modelling of the contract, which mediates modern relations of use of the water body, was preceded by scientific studies of the features of ownership and use of this natural resource in conjunction with the land on which it is located.

The author established the practical and doctrinal significance of using one contractual design for the lease of a water body and a land plot located under it. Such a legislative approach positively solves the problematic issues of the moment of acquisition of the right to lease a water object and the moment of transfer of the use object to the tenant, since the legislator connects these points with the time of state registration of the right to lease a land plot.

The doctrinal effect of the application of this treaty model is manifested in the possibility of defining this contract in the system of civil law contracts, and affects the scope of application of civil, land and water legislation to the lease relations of a water body.

In the publication, the author established that both natural resources - a land plot and a water object, together constitute the subject of a land lease agreement in conjunction with a water object located on it, formally correspond to the qualifying criteria of the thing as the subject of a hire (lease) agreement.

The author concludes that the name of the contract model, simultaneously with the time of occurrence of the right to lease a land plot and a water object located on it, and the mandatory inclusion of a water body passport in such an agreement, make it possible to conclude that in the lease agreement of a land plot in complex with the water object located on it, it is not necessary to indicate technical data (volume and area) of the water body, since they are presented in its passport.